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From start-ups, to public sector and large private firms, ACT. Consulting will work with you to initialise and support your Testing capabilities.

Automation Testing

ACT. Consulting are specialists in Automation Test tools from open-source to commercial. We're also adept in a range of languages both strong and weak typed. We have even started developing our own range of functional tools for specialist situations, utilising the speed of performance testing.
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Act. Consulting has experience with docker. This includes setting up large scaled selenium grids. CI, such as Jenkins and even git source repositories including gitlab. We have experience delivering across windows and Linux.

API Testing

Act. Consulting have supported the testing and delivery of APIs for both single api integrations to fully stacked micro-service architecture. We can provide support for generating docs such as swagger. We also support the creation of mocked API to support integrations.

Slack Community

Act. Consulting is being built from testers, we believe that testers share a common spirit and we’re building a community of support for all testers who join. As the community grows we create various testing channels to support both complex and straight forward questions our fellow testers need help with. We also believe this is a place where Act. Consulting can be a leader in.

Web Testing

Act. Consulting has experience in delivering a variety of testing frameworks with various browser libraries. Using full stacked BDD such as Cucumber and it’s alternatives to lighter weight implementations. We support all language variations.

Mobile Testing

Act. Consulting can provide mobile testing on both Android and iOS. We have experience in using testing framework such as Detox for react-native to using cross platform tools such as appium. We can also provide a range of devices for cross platform manual testing.

Testing Assurance

Many of our partners have supported public sector projects and have had experience providing test assurance. Well also work alongside consulting groups to support the delivery of high quality testing solutions. We can also provide we can also run a discovery phase to help design the requirements for testing levels.

About us

ACT. Consulting are independent of large consulting firms, our ambition is to bring expertise and not numbers. As a team we strive to support each other, understanding not only new technologies but existing as well.

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